Backwards adulting.

Ten years ago, I was desperately looking for a break from my boring hometown. After getting my Bachelor degree five hours from home, 4 months in China, and years in Iowa-home didn’t look that bad. With that in mind, I moved back to my childhood home to attend Marquette University Law School in the Fall of 2019, even though moving into my childhood bedroom definitely felt like a step backward.

This blog, Forward Law, chronicles my law school experience and hopefully give people an insight into the Milwaukee Law atmosphere. Law school blogs have been a great comfort to me as I anxiously await the start of my first year. I’ve adopted countless tools and tricks from bloggers that I hope you find useful. In addition, I always particularly enjoy more substantive articles that touch on hot topics and discuss their ins and outs from a legal point of view.

However, my biggest motivation to start this blog is to chronicle my law school journey for anyone out there like me, that really struggled to make the commitment to go to law school. It’s a terrifying decision. The money, stress, time… all of it. The good news is we got this.

Forward and onward,


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