Shameless school pride time? Information on Milwaukee’s only law school.

Milwaukee is home to only one law school, Marquette University Law School, where I am headed to this Fall. Nearby law schools include: Wisconsin, Loyola, Northwestern, Northern Illinois, Minnesota, St. Thomas, and several more in Chicago that I’m too lazy to list. Like many Tier 2 law schools, it is predominantly a regional school. Because it’s the only law school in Milwaukee, there are a lot of opportunities for students and graduates.

Diploma Privilege: 3 years of law school and hundred of thousands of dollars, then you take the Bar and fail. That’s a reality for 45% of first time California Bar test takers. That’s right, only 55% of students pass the California Bar on their first try. Luckily for students at Marquette and Wisconsin, students are automatically accepted to the Wisconsin Bar upon passing character and fitness.

The Best Law School in the Country: If you’ve driven on the Marquette Interchange, you’ve probably seen the shiny Ray and Kay Eckstein Hall at Marquette University. Built in 2009, it could be called the best law school building in the country. (see what I did there) After taking a tour, I was so much more comfortable with spending around 2,000 hours in Eckstein Hall than some of the other local law schools. To some people, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but I know myself and need to be comfortable in order to sit down for hours and study. It’s also in Milwaukee which is an amazing city and close to home.

Like I said… shiny! Photo Credit to ReppinSconnie

Alumni Network: Growing up in the Milwaukee area, I know the size and strength of Marquette University and its law school. That has given it solid employment outcomes that I was comfortable with. The legal industry crisis ten years ago was still at the front of my mind and coming out of Law School with loans and no job is absolutely one of my nightmares.

A Great Scholarship!: The biggest factor was a great scholarship. I honestly felt that the scholarship was a sign that I had found the right choice. Also, that made the Cost:Potential Earnings ratio much better than some of the competitive schools that didn’t pony up a Scholarship.

Forward and onward,


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