Show up prepared. Tasks for the two weeks before law school.

Classes are almost here, hoards of 0Ls are scouring the internet for tips and tricks to get ahead before school even starts. I’ve compiled a list of things to obsess over for my like minded over-preparers.

Get your schedule down.

Before my career stint, I was an unapologetic night owls and occasionally missed an 8am class or two in my undergrad career. That’s not an option in law school, you must not miss a class unless there is a serious reason-and one too many at bar review does not qualify. To help me stay on track I have my detailed schedule on my google calendar which dings on my phone and my Galaxy watch. It’s a serious lifesaver when it comes to time management and staying on track. It’ also a very good idea to add important due dates to your digital calendar with a few reminders. That midterm assignment might be written down in your planner but the 5pm due date (not midnight like you thought) is easy to forget about while you’re grabbing 2-for-1 apps with friends. You don’t have to go high tech if that doesn’t work for you, there are tons of daily planner reviews from great bloggers like Brazen and Brunette.

Check supplies

Once I knew my class schedule, it was time for supply organization. I’m a big believer in multi-subject notebooks because *will* lose single notebooks, especially in any class that doesn’t have structured note taking. I used to get a 5 subject notebook in undergrad but switched to a Five Star 2 Subject Notebook since I have two classes MoTuTh, and WeFr. Then I have my handy loose paper pocket which I couldn’t live without, a pencil case with so many highlighters, and a cord keeper. Every other blog I’ve read recommends a Book Stand so I caved and bought one. The last piece on my list is a 1 inch binder and I’m still on the hunt for a new cute one. I may have to go to the store for the first time in months-thanks Amazon.

Lock down financial aid and enrollment tasks.

School is starting and it’s smart to get everything pressed out before school starts. I’ve had several hold ups from immunizations to loans and they take a lot of time to work through. There are typically 2-3 tasks per week that are added to my list and it’s really easy to forget about them. Get these things out of the way before classes take over your life.

Order Books

There are used options but many have a lot of highlighting. I stuck with like new or new books for first semester and will see how it goes. My hope is by 2L I will be comfortable buying used. Do what works for you.

Look for your first assignments

Expect a reading assignment before your first day of class. We got our first cases to brief two weeks before orientation and it was a good chance to plan out how I’m going to organize my briefs. Update: My first assignments are being doled out, including 36 pages of Contracts reading. I highly suggest carving out some time to do assignments the day or two before school starts!

Sound cheesy, but plan your outfit for the first few days of orientation.

We take our professional photos for the law school during orientation. My normal wardrobe is not overly put together so this was something I know I needed to plan out. At this point, you should be checking to make sure you have a suit that fits.

Hopefully, I show up on the 19th fully prepared for my first day! Look for updates before the lawslide and for the start of the 1L Section.

Forward and Onward,


Update: My countdown is under a week now and I wanted to add a few things that I’ve crossed off my list:

Parking Pass: For orientation I’m going to have to find somewhere to park so picking up my pass early took some stress out of my first day.

Student ID: To access our law school building you need a student ID. While we can get in the first day without one, it takes a little longer and with my luck I’ll have to run out to the car at some point. So I made myself all cute and went on to take one of the worst pictures of my life, got my ID, and had an existential crisis on my foundation color choices.

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