Thriving (or Surviving?) Law School Orientation

(Can I preface this by saying Law School has started and I don’t have much time for proofing? Well, I just did.)

Law School has begun and for us that started with two days of orientation. Some schools have whole week while others only have a day or two so and everyone’s experience will vary. Here’s what my first few days were like:

Breakfast: Surpringly, this was probably one of the most important parts. Both days our school started off with an hour long breakfast for us to mingle during. The first day we were required to be there but the second day it was optional. Both days, I met some friendly classmates that made the day feel much less isolated. Our conversations were also a good reminder that we’re all in this together.

NOTE: Check the dress code! Our’s was business casual and many people wore business formal. Anyone that showed up in jeans looked super uncomfortable.

Generic Presentation(s): This was the bulk of the orientation. Many of the speakers touched on topics that I’d already read about in blogs and were fairly generic. Overall it was a little dry but it was still nice to be spending time in the law school getting settled.

Small Groups: We spent some time with 3L volunteers that came in to share their tips for succeeding 1L year. The tips and tricks were helpful and the 3Ls shared some professor tips if they had classes our professors. We did this in small groups which in theory was a good way to meet people, but our group didn’t seem to click.

Practice Class: I had a lot of anxiety about how classes would go and how I should be prepared, and this practice criminal law class was perfect. My professor was incredible and kept the atmosphere light and professional at the same time. It also put me at ease to know that I was on the right track. I was also lucking and was not cold called which helped! If applicable: Do your work. We did have to prepare a brief and people were cold called… which did not go well (more on that late).

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