1L Schedule: Law School is My New Home.

I’m almost finished with our first month and I’ve settled into a schedule. Everyone has different preferences. I find mornings at the law school tend to be my most productive time and my nights at home are almost worthless. My classes are split Mo/Tu/Th and Wed/Fri but I have two classes on every day so there’s some continuity even though Wed/Fri classes start later.

Weekday Schedule

5:30am: Wake up

6:15: Leave

7-7:30: Arrive and set up

7:30-9: Prep for 9am class

9: Class

10:15-11: Decompress

11-1: Read Tomorrow’s materials for 1st class

1:Prep for 2pm class

2: Class

3:15-5:30+: Read for tomorrow’s 2nd class.

6:30: arrive home and decompress.

If you do the math, in addition to a 90 minute commute, I am at the law school almost 10 hours a day which is not for everyone. It’s also important to manage weekends wisely. That usually allows me to leave early at least one day a week and those days are great for resetting during the week. Every upper classmate I’ve talked to has recommended taking a day off and I’ve been sticking to that on Saturdays. It’s been tough and I’m finding my Sundays are too much studying so I’m looking at making some changes.

One thing to prepare for: Law school take over your life. It’s best to lean into the commitment.

Forward and Onward,


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