3 Upsides to Gunners

We’re a month into law school and the gunners are out in full force. After a quiet week or two, the hand raising and spewing of irrelevant quotes from the book are littered through classes like wine on a wedding dress. While gunners are inevitably frustrating there are some upsides.

They bring you closer to your other classmates: a wise 3L said, you eventually grow closer to your classmates by coming together in annoyance and eventual rage toward the gunners.

Watching them implode is satisfying: there is a collective clique of gunners in our section that has been teetering on the edge of explosion. How do I know? They were gossiping about it (loudly) in the quiet floors of the law school.

They make you feel good about yourself: We’re all new and unsure of ourselves in law school, but at least we’re not gunners.

There you have it, three reasons to appreciate gunners. I’m surprised there are three but even mosquitos serve a purpose!

Forward and Onward,


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