Second Semester Commences

We’re into the first week of second semester here are MULS.

Finals last semester were take home and necessitated a big change for many of us. They were all at home, open book, and not monitored, amplifying the long criticized practice of law school grading relying almost exclusively on a single test. With careers and mounds of student debt hanging in the balance, students were finding creative ways to take tests.

That being said, another semester is over and I am officially half way to being a lawyer. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to choose my courses and have had some really fascinating courses. This semester business and ethics are some of the main classes that I hope to write on. Interviews are also underway and I’ve had a couple so far. One was very good and I’m hoping to hear back from the firm. Interviewing 2L year is a numbers game and I need to significantly increase my number of application so I should be busy over the next few weeks. We have also felt the job market tighten up and there are fewer interviews and the process is a few months behind.

That being said, many people have asked what the other effects of covid have been on classes. For the most part, the Law School was empty last semester. However, my schedule was a little bit of an abrogation and I was in the law school a lot for in person classes- only one of my classes was half remote and half in person. Strangely, this semester I have two remote classes but am still at the law school for a large portion of my week because I took 6 classes and they are so spaced out. That being said, the law school is still relatively empty:

It is my hope that things will be back to normal in the fall. However, there is a bright side! Parking has been very easy and I enjoy walking only 40 feet from the parking garage to the building. The 1Ls are missing out on the fun…

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