Thoughts on My First Week of Law School.

My first week of class has come to a close. The 4 Fall 1L classes here are Torts, Contracts, Criminal Law and Legal Writing, Research and Analysis (Writing 1). I’m starting to get a nice feel for what’s working and what I need to work on.

What I was prepared for:

So far the workload has been close to what I expected. Staying in the law school from 7:30 – 4:30 has given me enough time to keep up without putting in too many nights of studying. I am sensing that there will be more nights and weekends spent on schoolwork as finals get closer, but that’s what I signed up for.

The feel of the class and different structure (Socratic method) is definitely a big shift which has felt different but was expected. The main structural difference is that you have to be accountable to yourself for the cases.

The social groups and cliques have showed up in several blogs along with the adage ‘law school is like high school’, so I was prepared for it and can now say it’s 100% accurate. Luckily, I’ve found some friendly classmates to hang with.

The Unexpected:

Law school is teaching us to think like a lawyer which is much harder than it sounds. So far I’ve felt totally lost at one point or another in everyone of my classes. My 3L friends assured my that’s normal but it’s intimidating. My big goal is to ask questions when I’m confused and not fall behind. Most of my grades will be based soley on my finals performance and it’s important to keep the end in mind.

The unwritten dress code at law school was another surprise. I’m not a huge fan of dress pants but 95% of the students here wear business casual. It has eased up slightly as the week has gone bye. I’ve decided to stick to my guns and rock jeans and a nice shirt. I spend a lot of time in the law school studying and am prioritizing comfort in favor of productivity.

The professors were a little intimidating at first but I’ve found my professors here have been amazing and very practical. Many of them have been teaching for years which shows in how they conduct their classes.

There’s the first week’s quick recap. I don’t know much about Law School yet, but I’m excited about the journey ahead!

Forward and Onward,


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