9 Cliché People You’ll Meet in Law School

I’m a sucker for a good cliché, and since it’s pumpkin spice latte season, I’m dedicating this post to the individuals that embody the cliches of law school.

Real People: I am super impressed that the huge majority of people are grown up, wonderful people in law school. They’re not here to cause drama or be fake, they stay in their lane and run their race. Coming from corporate America, there are a lot of people that are 100% fake, all the time, and the honest people I’ve met in law school are honestly giving me back pieces of my soul.

The Ego: “Law school will be a piece of cake. My father has his own practice and I’ve been working for him for years.” -Egotistical 1L, the first day of Orientation.

Haha, riiiight. I understand why nepotism gives people short man/woman’s syndrome but tone it down. No surprise, everyone avoids this person like the clap.

The Librarian: Old souls that are most content with their nose in a book. I envy them.

The Competitor: They are not going to help you out and may give bad advice to move up the class ranks. Good luck to them when their classmates become their coworkers.

The Exhausted: These people vary widely in personality but have one thing in common: they’re tired. Several new parents in our class fit into this group and I would imagine some of the people trying to work and go to law school will slip into here also. Take care of yourselves and if you need a nap we’ll watch your backpack.

The Jock: We have a popular sports law program and there are a lot of theses running around. I can’t tell if they’ve never grown out of high school or are the next James Holzhauer. Interestingly enough, the female sports law students tend to be very successful, keep at it like a boss, ladies.

The Plastics: Everyone knows law school is like high school but it makes me super sad that this still exists.

The Nerd: Every single one of us. This is one of the best things about law school. It tends to attract people looking for mental stimulation similar to nerdy habits.

The Gunner: Specifically, I am talking about gunners that dominate the class discussion. I am incredibly lucky, we don’t have a standout gunner….yet. There are a few people that ask bad questions (sorry kids, but they exist). Professors don’t like gunners, students don’t like gunners. Don’t be a gunner.

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