Gearing up for Finals

As expected, the pressure starts to rise in November around the Law School. Here are a few tips and tricks I put to good use to keep myself on track.

Schedule- I started to block out several hour chunks to complete my outlines for each class by the end of Thanksgiving break. I then tried to meet with friends the week or two after. This is one area where I wish I would have been more productive. I got a little behind and had to play catch up

Get out of the law school– The Law School becomes a zone of tension and nerves around November 10th and it was taking a major toll on me. Once I figured out that the coffee shop on my way home was largely empty from 2-4, I started heading there for a couple hours of very productive studying.

Meet with friends (but don’t get too crazy)– I tried a few study groups with friends, but like a lot of 2Ls mentioned–it didn’t really work out. Don’t be afraid to try study groups and see if they work for you. My plan for second semester is to meet for a quick review for each class and do the bulk of my studying alone.

The difference between law school and undergrad finals is insane! I’m still working on what will be successful for me but those stood out for first semester. I’d love tips for what worked for other students out there! Feel free to comment below.

Onward and Forward.


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