Final Preparation

Everyone, even the slackers, will wonder about what to bring into the test room and the final things to go over on final day. There really is no reason to worry, but this is what I did and brought in and it worked (okay) for me. However, this is a post I definitely want to come back to. I didn’t use the last few days before the final as well as I would have liked, and that made the test seem more stressful than it needed to be.

Arrive Early: I always arrive at the law school early so I kept with my usual schedule and arrived around 7:30 to get ready for my 9am final.

Get your Laptop Stared and Top Form. Your laptop is the only thing you’ll need for a majority of your exams, which will be essay. It’s always a good idea to restart a half hour or so before the exam. Examplify was really tough on my new computer, and it imploded my friends older model computer and he had to write the test. Make sure you grab your charger and mouse the night before and have them all ready to go…strange things happen the morning of your final.

Know your Schedule. There were a few people that thought they had 4 hours when they had 3 hours, or vice versa. This will really kill you on point and grades. Stay on top of the schedule and allocate your time.

Supplies to consider. I had the standard pens, pencils, and highlighters. Most of my tests were around 4 hours so I made sure to have a water bottle and snack. One thing I did appreciate was the extra sweater I crammed in my backpack. For some reason, all of the rooms were freezing and I used the sweater for every final.

Finally, Leave the Law School. When you’re done, leave and don’t talk about the final! You and your friends have no idea how you did and you’ll just feel bad about it if you mull over the questions and things you might have missed.

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