Teachers make a huge difference.

Law Professors are great people. With the spring semester interrupted by COVID-19, I am floored by the effort, talent, and empathy of law professors.

Shortly after we went online, classes went to (honors)pass/fail option which really throws a curve ball in grades (Pun level:1000). One professor had questions to his reading, another had group classes on Friday with videos, another added tons of great videos. Lastly, my writing professor is such a wonderful human being with so much love for her students. I was really struggling with my health and a presumptive COVID case early in the lockdown and her thoughtful words really helped me get up and going.

I wanted to give a gratuitous shoutout to Law School Profs everywhere!

Forward and Onward,


One thought on “Teachers make a huge difference.

  1. You make a great point about contact between academics and students. Building those personal relationships, while really challenging in remote learning, is possibly even more critical in light of everything that’s happening. It can make the difference between a potentially great lawyer sticking with it, or leaving the law altogether.


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