COVID Doesn’t Care About Law School.

I wasn’t able to blog much second semester so I wanted to wrap up how things went, especially with COVID still being a big factor this fall.

The last class before spring break, I remember that we talked about COVID for about 30 seconds before blowing it off. Turns out, we never came back to in person classes (or classes at all for some people).

As I may have mentioned, some professors picked up online classes better than others. The game changer was going from grades to pass/fail. When that happened, a lot of my classmates really lowered their work ethic. To be fair, I know I had a week where I was really sick with a presumed positive case of COVID. Not only did I scrape by that week, it was hard getting back into the swing. On top of that, we had the frequent company of my adorable nieces which was a nice break but also incredibly distracting. That being said, attending the online classes and getting the assignments done wasn’t a mountain of work… and there were still people that didn’t do it.

When finals came around, we didn’t get much notice on the format but professors seemed to either tone down the expectations or more commonly, give us extra time to complete the exam. Again, there were still stragglers but all my friends who put in some effort made it through.

Reading this post, it doesn’t sound that different from normal semesters but it was totally different. I’m used to sitting in the law school with friends and getting reading done. That was always helpful when I had questions or just needed to talk through an issue. This spring, I was on my own and it was lonely. On top of that, the class format went from Socratic(ish) method to lecture. That made it much more difficult to learn, plus it was a lot easier to schlep off and not understand the material completely before class.

All in all, I’m looking forward to things going back to normal, but am not quite sure when that will be!

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