Tried and Tested: Back to School List for Law School

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s back to law school I go! I am so happy that classes are resuming in person! Last year I pretty much got my system nailed down. So I thought I would put together a list of things that worked!

No, weirdly it's not the same as undergrad.

1.) A Portable and Solid Computer.

My friends and I were talking about computers a few weeks in, and one of them had their undergrad notebook that they thought would make it another year or so. It didn’t. It made it until Examsoft (the most soul/cpu crushing program ever) crashed it in our Criminal Law exam. Get a computer that will be solid through at least the first half of your law school career, when grades are key.

2.) A Large Backpack.

I made it a month with my cute little pink backpack before grabbing my trusty Ogio giant back pack that holds anything. You were missed for that month, old friend.

3.) Dual Monitors

I wish I would have used these more but when I did they were so convenient, especially when we went totally remote. One of them was $99 and tilts!

4.) Highlighters

You are going to go through so many highlighters. Then you’re going to argue with your friends about which highlighters are the right mix of price v. features. Yep. That’s law school. And Spoiler alert–these are the best.

5.) A Beverage/Snack System

I spent all day in the law school and had several teas and snacks in my locker. In the winter it was amazing being able to grab a hot cup of tea anytime without shelling out $4.

6.) Book Holder

It sounds dorky but your classmates will be so jealous. I showed up with mine (which another blog recommended) and two weeks later all my neighbors had one. They are so convenient and they hide you a little from your professors. This one goes on sale for $6.99!

I plan on updating this list as more things become come back to me, so check back.

Forwards and Onwards,


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